About First Marine Insurance A/S
First Marine Insurance Ltd are specialists in marine cargo insurance. First Marine Insurance Ltd. are cover holders for Lloyd’s of London.

We have carefully chosen a number of Lloyd’s syndicates in order to guarantee a first class security, at any time.

First Marine Insurance Ltd therefore offers a security second to none compared to any company represented in Denmark.

Objectives for First marine Insurance Ltd.

It is our objective, at all times, to have the necessary recourses to ensure that our clients and business partners experience :

* The capability to meet expectations of professionalism.
* The will to be flexible
* The desire to go one step further in order to ensure the right solution.

It is our objective hereby to reach a position of preferred market for marine cargo insurance.

Which market does First Marine Insurance Ltd. address?
First Marine Insurance Ltd’s target business is trade and industrial business - primarily through insurance brokers and freight forwarders, but our services and products are, of course available directly to the trade and industries as well.
A minor part of our product range is removals or other transports of household goods for private persons.

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